Annoucement: Change Operating hours for all Central Kuta locations

Dear Customers,

All Central Kuta outlets renewed business hour is as follow

Monday – Sunday

For the detailed business hour of each outlet, please refer to the announcement on the site and on Instagram Highlight


Thank you,


Bank note current rate:
  currency buy sell
USD 14,475 0
AUD 9,925 0
SGD 10,350 0
CAD 11,100 0
GBP 17,500 0
EURO 14,775 0
SFR 15,150 0
YEN 106 0
NZD 8,900 0
   Last Updated :10 Aug 2022 - 03:13 PM
These are indicative rates. For actual exchange rates, please visit or call our outlets at (0361) 4741 940. We reserve the right to change the rates at any time without prior notice.
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Please Note :
Central Kuta does not sell foreign currencies in small denominations. Please Contact us for further information.