313 Rally Not to Affect JCI, Rupiah: Analyst
Analysts said that the planned 313 rally will not affect the movement of the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) and the rupiah. PT Binaartha Sekuritas analyst Reza Priyambada said that the JCI and rupiah will not be affected by todays rally, as in the previous ones. The JCI and rupiah will be affected more by global sentiments, he said via a text message on Friday, March 31, 2017. PT Bank Central Asia (BCA) Tbk chief economist David Sumual made a similar statement. The rally will have no impact if carried out peacefully, he said. According to David, the market will pay more attention to external conditions. One of which is U.S. President Donald Trumps fiscal plans following his failure to replace Obamacare with a new health care bill. Asjaya Indosurya Securities analyst William Surya Wijaya said that the rally will not have a significant impact on the JCI and rupiah. Particularly for the JCI, the most influential domestic sentiment is sustained capital inflows. Releases of economic data ahead of the turn of the month are positive sentiments to the JCI, he said. Indonesias promising economic outlook will also help boost the JCI. Today will see the Islamic Ummah Forum (FUI) stage the 313 rally, named after todays date of March 31. The FUI will demand the dismissal of Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok. Source : Tempo.co Apr 01, 2017
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