Stock Market & Rupiah Update Indonesia: Thursday 25 January

Indonesias benchmark Jakarta Composite Index fell 0.002 percent to 6,615.33 points on Thursday (25/01), almost unchanged from Wednesdays close. The performance of stocks was quite volatile across the Asian region. While benchmark indexes in the Philippines, Vietnam and South Korea rose sharply, those in Singapore, Thailand, Japan and South Korea saw steep declines. Indonesias performance was in between the two extremes.

Indonesian stocks are still vulnerable to profit taking after the Jakarta Composite Index surged 4.4 percent between Friday (12/01) and Monday (22/01), touching new all-time record highs along the way.

Possibly the biggest factor that put pressure on several Asian benchmark indexes on Thursdau (25/01) was US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchins statement (expressed at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland) that he would welcome a weaker US dollar. After US President Donald Trump had earlier signed a law that puts steep tariffs on imported solar panels (part of the protectionist agenda), investors have started to become concerned about the emergence of a trade war in which countries deliberately let their currencies depreciate in order to boost the competitiveness of export products.

The Indonesian rupiah appreciated 0.18 percent to IDR 13,289 per US dollar on Thursday (25/01). The US dollar fell to a three-year low against the euro.


Source : Indonesia Investments

Jan 27th, 2018

Bank note current rate:
  currency buy sell
GBP 18,850 19,150
AUD 10,525 10,740
HKD 1,691 1,752
USD 13,500 13,700
MYR 3,425 3,510
CAD 10,550 10,825
SGD 10,150 10,400
EURO 16,650 16,850
SFR 14,400 14,650
YEN 126 128.30
NZD 9,800 10,000
THB 421 443
NT 446 476
WON 11.77 12.75
DKK 2,130 2,265
SEK 1,595 1,685
BND 10,100 10,400
NOK 1,658 1,740
SAR 3,488 3,655
PHP 245 265
RMB 2,066 2,163
INR 163 211
RUB 182 242
AED 3,587 3,730
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