Rupiahs Chances for an Appreciation Remains Wide Open on Tuesday

The Head of Research for NH Korindo Securities Indonesia, Reza Priyambada said that the Rupiah is expected to experience some significant appreciation throughout Tuesdays trading session. The Rupiah is expected to hover between Rp13.120 and Rp13.165 per US Dollar. In light of the JCIs depreciation that is driven by the mass unloading of shares of companies with large capitalisations by investors - particularly in the banking sector - the Rupiah could still see some positive movements throughout Tuesdays trading session, said Reza on Monday, April 12, 2016. According to Reza, the reason behind the Rupiahs appreciation is the US Dollars depreciation against the Japanese Yen. Bank of Japan (BoJ) efforts to rein in its currency has so far yielded minimum effect, and the Yen has continued to appreciate. Furthermore, continued Reza, the Rupiah is also appreciating because the prices of several global commodities have gone up. We hope that the appreciation is not a glitch, and the trend will remain so people wont use it to speculate and/or attempt to take profit from its appreciation in recent days, he said. Despite the general outlook, Reza has continued to ask market players to be aware of other sentiments that may impact the Rupiahs movements throughout the day. On Mondays close, Bank Indonesia (BI) middle rate stood at Rp13.134 per US Dollar -  up from its previous position on Friday at Rp13.169 per US Dollar.



April 16, 2016

Bank note current rate:
  currency buy sell
GBP 17,775 18,125
AUD 10,425 10,625
HKD 1,648 1,708
USD 13,175 13,330
MYR 3,100 3,185
CAD 10,600 10,860
SGD 9,700 9,910
EURO 15,750 15,990
SFR 13,525 13,775
YEN 117.25 119
NZD 9,525 9,765
THB 391 410
NT 420 450
WON 10.92 12
DKK 2,017 2,150
SEK 1,586 1,675
BND 9,650 9,910
NOK 1,619 1,710
SAR 3,395 3,555
PHP 243 262
RMB 1,935 2,022
INR 159 206
RUB 178 230
AED 3,493 3,630
   Last Updated :23 Sep 2017 - 09:51 AM
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